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Conveniently located within a minutes walk from Bras Basah MRT station, Fu Lin Men Grand Banquet at Hotel Royal @ Queens is an inviting venue for a city celebration. The newly revamped ballroom facilitates an atmosphere like no other with the installation of creative lighting systems. Culinary and service excellence take center stage here with a professional team who will anticipate and see to your every need and want.

If you are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life then look no further. Fu Lin Men Grand Banquet in Keppel Club is the perfect choice. The restaurant is surrounded by beautiful landscapes complete with open sea view providing a your event with a backdrop that’s second only to the beauty of Mother Nature. Bask in this overwhelming ambience to overlooking this amazing view while indulging in the comfort of excellent cuisine and professional service.

Exquisite themed weddings are right at home at Fu Lin Men Grand Banquet @ Hotel Re! This remarkable venue within the city is set amongst relaxing greenery and facilitates extraordinary events due to it’s standalone structure with front porch car access. Our team has seen to an amazing array of creative events including the use of horse carriages to magically elaborate fairytale weddings. Another rare feature of this seldom available in Singapore is a kitchen with a culinary team that specialises in Chinese cuisine without the use of Pork and Lard. Halal-certified fare is also available upon request.

From solemnisations to banquets, indoor or alfresco options, couples can certainly look to The Passion Group of Restaurants to hold their celebration of a lifetime. In addition to a wide range of exquisite fare, The Fu Lin Men Grand Banquet also excels in planning the wedding of your dreams. All thanks to their team of welltrained and meticulous staff who are always on hand to assist and see to your needs. With a large team of experienced culinary professionals led by awardwinning Chef Roy Tan every dietary requirements including Halal cuisine is easily and well taken care of.

Want something more than traditional Chinese cuisines? As a member of Passion Group, we can also offer a myriad of cuisines including Japanese, Local and International, Indian and Muslim and bespoke culinary delights to suit every request. Restaurants in Passion Group is here to cater to your Big Day with choice venues from the executive city wedding to rustic hideaways wrapped in lush landscapes. Both venues and cuisines are backed by a seasoned team of professionals to see you through every step of the way. This is the signature Passion Touch.

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Fu Lin Men @ Hotel Re!

Fu Lin Men @ Grand Banquet

My husband and I held our wedding lunch on 05/08/2018 At Hotel Royal @ Queens Grand Banquet. Firstly, we would like to thank our event coordinator Ms Elise who assisted us throughout our wedding planning and during the event itself, accommodating to our last minute requests. Next, we would like to thank our restaurant manager Mr Alvin, who was around guiding us throughout the whole event, on why to do and was there to assist us in our requests. Lastly, the food was excellence, portion was big, and it tasted the same as per food tasting. Excellent service · Large portions

Had our wedding lunch on 24th June @ Hotel Re! Rejoice Ballroom. Richelle provide excellent service by attending to our needs and requests.

Held my wedding dinner at Hotel Royal @ Queens. I very satisfied with everything that Alvin (Restaurant Manager)has provided. He is professional, good service and detail-oriented. Moreover very patient and given us fast reply when we need him and he also ensure everything will go smoothly on the actual wedding day. Food was exceptionally good and received compliment from our guests. My Wife and I would like to thanks Alvin and the Grand banquet staff, will never hesitate to intro Grand Banquet to our Friends. Thank you so mush Alvin!!! ���

Held my wedding dinner at Hotel Royal @ Queens. Very satisfied with everything Alvin(Restaurant Manager) has provided. He is professional, service and detail-oriented. Moreover, very patient and gave swift replies during the coordination and planning stage to ensure everything will go smoothly on the actual wedding day. He has coordinated for our photo booth, wedding live band and etc. Food was exceptionally good and received compliments from our guests! Also, my wife would like to express her gratitude to Alvin for ensuring that her surprise went as according to plan with his good coordination. Very pleasant experience! My Wife and I would like to thank Alvin and all the Grand Banquet staff for our very memorable wedding. Will never hesitate to intro Grand Banquet to our friends. Thumbs up and good job Alvin!!

My husband & i held our wedding dinner on 25 Nov 2017 Hotel Re! Big thanks to our event manager, Kesline Ng who was there from start to finish to assist us. Very professional & settled our request & enquiry promptly . Thank you Kes & team for making the whole process a worry free for us. Sincerely appreciate it.

Held the dinner wedding banquet in Nov 17 @ Hotel Royal at Queens and was hosted by Chris, Alvin and the lady Supervisor (forgot the name). Chis is really patient, accommodating and hospitable restaurant manager/wedding planner. Offers great advice with patience and you can tell he is very genuine at assisting you. He has about 36 yrs of experience in the FnB line and not to mentioned tons of contacts to assist you with a flawless wedding itinerary on your big day. The staff was also very friendly and prompt in their service. Thanks once again for your excellent help. Wendy and I send my regards and hope you have prosperous year ahead!

Thank you Chris for his professional advices and making the whole process a worry free for us!! Well done and keep it up Chris!! ��

"No Comments" "Excellent" Chris done the 5 stars service.

Thanks you Passion Group staff for the help yesterday. Jonathan and I is very thankful and happy.

My husband and I held our wedding dinner at Fu Lim Men Grand Banquet on 13 August 2017. We are really happy and satisfied with the great service and professionalism of the banquet manager, Chris. He was extremely friendly, warm and patient towards our requests and paid attention to a lot of details related to the wedding dinner throughout. Thank you very much to Chris and the rest of the wonderful staff at Grand Banquet who helped to create such a lovely and unforgettable experience for us. Do keep up the good work!

My husband & I had our wedding banquet dinner on 16 July 2017, just last Sunday at the Hotel Re! Rejoice Ballroom Fu Lin Men. Our guests and ourselves truly enjoyed the food & we had a great time. I booked my wedding venue through ex-restaurant manager Jason Tan. However I received a call from him in March that he has left the company which left me very lost. Fortunately, after a few weeks, I received a call from the new RM, Kes Ng. She arranged a meetup with us to let us understand the flow & even arranged food for dinner as we need to rush to our bridal shop after that. So thoughtful of her and I felt so at ease after the meetup. Being a very forgetful & blur bride, I always have things that I will forget, but she always never failed to call me to remind me of the details that I need to confirm. To ensure no hiccups during the wedding, she even arranged rehersals a week before together with our Emcees. This made me even more relaxed(and if anyone has became a bride before knows important to be relaxed). During the wedding day itself, she even rehearsed my flower boy & girl who didnt come for the rehearsal previously for my 1st March-in which made the flow of the whole wedding went very smoothly leaving my guests are all so contented. Which made us very happy as well. Thank you Kes and team for the wonderful job! Sincerely appreciate what you guys have done for us!

Had my wedding dinner held at Hotel Royal @Queens on 20 May 2017. Just want to thank Christian and his team for a job well done and for making my wedding a successful one! My wife and I are super pleased with their service and standards. Keep up the good work

We had our wedding on 7 May 17 and Chris and his team were excellent. From the preparation to the actual day, they have been very helpful in working out the details and making sure everything went smoothly. The food portion was good too.

11 June 2017
Chris was my acc manager for my wedding dinner last evening. He is a sincere staff who always assist me and my wife with various enquiries and willing to nego. He always went extra mile to help me and my wife in this wedding. Really appreciate the assistance he had given for my wedding and would strongly recommend his restaurant or hotel.

6 June 2017
My husband & I held ours wedding buffet lunch on 13 May 2017 at Hotel Re! (Re Joice Ballroom) it was run by Fu Lin Men under passion group.

We book this venue 5 month before ours wedding, this was the 3rd venue that we view & was attracted to it due to the friendly & approachable Restaurant Manager Jason Tan (formally) & the package offer to us.

Just 2 month before ours wedding the RM Jason Tan called me & inform me he has left the organization ~.~ after heard I started worry about my wedding buffet lunch arrangement, how it will be handle by the new take over Rm.

The following day I quickly called up the hotel restaurant side to look for the new take over RM, a lady answer my call & her name was KES, she is the one who will be taking over ex RM Jason Tan duty.

Over the phone, KES assure me that she will do a better job then ex RM & convince me that my wedding day will go smoothly even though she just take over, of cause I'm still worry even she tried to convince me through the phone, so I arrange a meet up with her personally the very weekend itself.

During the meet up, KES go through the whole package, arrangement for the day & introduction of herself to us to reassure she will do a good job for ours big day. Only then I knew she is so much knowledgeable & experience then the previous RM, she has work at jurong country club under passion group for many many years & have done many many big events, after which me & my husband got very relief after the meet up with KES.

KES arrange a rehearsal for ours big day two weeks before hand to get us & ours emcee ready for the actual day, luckily we had the rehearsal else wait till ours actual day then we discover the problem that we encounter during the rehearsal my husband & I will be very sad.

We had a wonderful & memorable wedding buffet lunch on the 13th May 2017 at Hotel Re! (Re Joice Ballroom) all thanks to KES & her wonderful team members, me & my husband, ours family's, relatives, friends & colleagues all was very pleased with theirs foods, service, big venue with can accommodate up to 30 tables.

To end me & my husband would like to specially thanks KES for her professionalism, friendly & helpfulness from planning of the event till the very days itself, Fu Lin Men it's very fortunate to have a team player like KES.

PS: Look for KES if you want to held a event at Hotel Re! She will do a gd job for u ^.^

6 June 2017
We had our wedding dinner on 13th May 2017 at grand banquet. Kes and her team are very helpful and also respond any of our request. Everything went smoothly during the wedding. Thanks to kes and team for the wonderful and memorable night. Highly recommended this place for wedding.

*ps. the wedding location couple mentioned was Fu Lin Men @ Hotel Re! (Re!Joice)

18 April 2017
My husband, Aaron and I held our wedding dinner on 18th Feb 2017 at the Grand Banquet (Royal Ballroom) at Royal Royal @ Queens.

We started looking for a place to hold our banquet close to one year ago. We went to a few hotels/restaurants and we chanced upon Grand Banquet on Facebook. I read though all the comments on Facebook then and decided to fix an appointment to meet Christian. It did not take us long before we decided to proceed with Grand Banquet. Other than the reasonable prices, Christian was very sincere and patient during the meet up. He addressed all our enquiries, and when we texted and called him after the meeting with more questions (before we even signed up), he was very prompt in answering all of them. He was superb assuring and assured us that he will take care of everything for us, and he really did. When we needed to book extra hotel rooms for our own friends and our relatives, he also went the extra mile to help us with the booking. He also offers other services to ease the wedding planning - photobooth services, photography, videography services and emcees for our banquet required. Christian was the one who helped us to find a JP for our solemnisation. Although, the JP could not make it last minute due to his own personal reasons and we had to engage another one, Christian checked and reassured us on the newly engaged JP as well. That really set our hearts at ease. On and off, when we thought of anything, we will SMS/call Christian, and he will always be there to answer our questions.

On the wedding day itself, Christian was in charge of everything from the solemnisation to the ad-hoc tea ceremony to the banquet dinner. We held the banquet at the Royal Ballroom at level 2 and it was nicely decorated. Most importantly, the guests enjoyed the food and the portions were really generous. After the banquet, my husband and I had our shares of the dinner in the hotel room and the food still taste good!!

We will like to express our heartfelt thanks to Christian for his awesome service and help rendered throughout the whole process - from planning to the actual day, and of course not forgetting his team for their services during the banquet. Because of Christian, we were definitely less stress and able to enjoy the night better. smile emoticon:)

p/s: they do company events, baby full month celebrations, anniversaries, bdae celebrations, etc... so do check them out!!

22 March 2017
We had our wedding lunch last week at Grand Banquet. Christian and his team are very helpful and are quick to respond to any request too. Although our schedule was pretty packed, everything went on smoothly in the end. I will highly recommend this place for weddings or any other function.

05 February 2017
We had our wedding at hotel re!'s rejoice ballroom on 24th Dec 2016 and will like praise Jason and his team for their help and opinions. My husband and i does not have anything specific in mind for our wedding. But Jason was able to provide suggestions such as our entrance could be more than just walking in. He provided us with the sources and helped arrange everything.

Having booked our dinner more than 1 year ago, we over estimated the number of our guest. Due to chirstma...s eve, many was not able to come. We were in dilema as that means we will have empty tables. However, Jason and his team was negotiable and we really like their flexibility. Jason and his team made it less hassle-free from our first meeting to food tasting to the AD.

Finally, the day came! Our initial plan of having solemnization and reception outside the ballroom was destroyed due to sudden heavy downpour in the evening. Jason and his team was able to provide solutions and reacted immediately to the sudden situtation. We were able to shift everything into the ballroom and our guests would not be wet!

Jason was thoughtful enough to arrange the pre-wedding snacks to the next day for our lunch. As we will not have time and appetite.

We were really glad to have chosen this location for our wedding. Thank you, once again to hotel re! and passion group! With love, chengwen & sally.

Nurul Bedah Muhd Basyir
21 December 2016
If you are still wondering whether to choose this place for your big day(or any other event), hesitate no further, u will definitely not regret choosing grand banquet as your choice.

Like what many others have mentioned, the food, location, ambience and staffs are awesome. And the most important thing of all, the price won't leave a super big hole in your pocket. Cause nobody wants to be in debt after their wedding right? And to be honest, I think I got so much more than what I paid for.

I had my wedding there on 17th Dec 2016. Prior to that, I ordered quite abit of decor stuffs online. I was wondering if my bridesmaid will be able to handle the task of putting up all these decor, but Christian and his team of staffs were very nice to help me put up those decor instead with no additional charge. And the place looks so fantastic, even so much better than what I envisioned. The banquet even ordered center pieces for the individual tables specially just for us and it matches our wedding theme like a glove!!

The staffs were not only professional in their jobs, they were very friendly and kind to our guests, making our guests feel at home. Even the staff that opens the door for us to march in is so smiley, making us feel so much more at ease. Everyone who came to our wedding enjoyed themselves thanks to the hospitality of the banquet staffs.

We had quite alot of requests throughout this whole wedding, but all of our requests were very nicely and professionally handled. Unlike those 5star hotels where every single little request you have is being written down and charged accordingly, Grand banquet is not calculative like that. The last thing u want to deal with during your wedding is a calculative banquet.

I have heard from so many other couples how those 5star and high end hotels are so calculative that the whole wedding mood was ruined because they had to worry about the hidden/additional costs. I am so glad I did not get any of those bad experiences from Grand banquet.

There were so many unexpected pleasant privileges that we got to experience thanks to the thoughtfulness and kindness of Grand banquet.

Christian arranged an extra room for us to have our ROM at and they decorated it very nicely. He even arrange for the photobooth we engaged to be in the extra room so that our reception area got more space. And we were given so many complimentary parking tickets, so much more than what was stated in the contract.

The staffs even helped packet the banquet food for us to enjoy after the wedding, knowing we wouldn't be able to eat much during the wedding. We were also able to enjoy a later check out timing for our hotel room thanks to their kindness.

There is so much good stuffs that I can write about Grand banquet that by the time I finish typing every single one, my fingers would have break, so I shall spare my fingers that agony.

I am not a person who usually writes compliments, but for me to write such a long ass positive review, it goes to show how good they really are. Everyone who is reading this review, just stop reading and come and experience it for yourself!!

Once again, me and my husband would like to sincerely give our heart felt thanks to Christian, Ruel, Alvin, the smiley staff who opened the door for us to march in, and the whole team of Grand Banquet for making our wedding so memorable, pleasant and smooth sailing. We are really grateful for all the hard work you guys have done. Grand banquet is really privileged to have hardworking and passionate staffs like u guys.

Tim Siow Wei Long
11 December 2016
When you are worried and you have Mr Cristian, he will guide you and give you a helping hand, ensuring your wedding went smoothly. That is the only thing you will ask for.

We trusted him and thanks to Mr Christian and his team, we had a great night!

Lim Deqiang
27 November 2016
We had our wedding lunch on 29th October. Chris and his team provided excellent service before, during and after the banquet. His assistant banquet manager was helpful during the photo-taking sessions with the individual tables, making it a prompt and relatively stress-free event. Chris is also extremely flexible when it came to the menu and allowed us to swap and make changes to some of the items on the menu.

The solemnizer he recommended, Mr. Francis Ng, was also very good. Chris also stored a suitcase of items for us the at his office the day before the wedding, thus minimizing the stuff we had to bring to the hotel on the actual day. Food tasting was very good, portions were huge and accurately reflected the items served on the actual day. Guests praised the quality of food served during the wedding.

All in all, the wedding was stress-free and handled very well by Chris and his team. Two thumbs up to Chris and his team!

Josephine Tan
20 November 2016
By word of mouth, from a taxi driver that introduce us to this place. Accessible! only 5 mins walk from Bras basha mrt station. The best banquet manager cum wedding planner, Chris ! if you dont have anything or require anything just simply tell him. He will do his best to help! He lead a great team ! esp a lady name fiona! She help my wife to tighten her dress (she notice as my wife looks kind of weird) and help her during the change of her wedding gown. She is a life saver!

Lastly, we had a great wedding experience with them.
Frankly speaking, hotel is kinda old but the food wise doesnt lose to any of the big chain hotels!

Tommy Ang
7 November 2016
Exceptional service provided by Chris and his team! Kudos to everyone!

Much love: Tommy & Mannde

Yao Hua
29 September 2016
We chanced upon the restaurant on a website. Chose it as it was very accessible and pricing was within our budget. Food tasting session was good. At first glance, one may be turned off by the low ceiling of the restaurant. However, nothing beats the service of the staff during the preparation phase and the actual wedding day. Christian was easily contactable at all times. Christian and Alvin did a great job in guiding us throughout the cake-cutting, March-in, wine toasting and table photo taking. Everything went very smooth and finished on time. Christian even helped us arrange for the tea ceremony inside the hotel room and in the restaurant. The red wine was very good, one of our guests even had four cups! The vegetarian and halal food served was well received. Christian allowed for the grouping of vegetarian and halal guests together at the same table, as well as the slotting in of them in the Chinese tables. This was very useful in our seating arrangement planning for our guests. Thank you Christian and team! We will definitely recommend your service to our friends.

Bong Joan
28 September 2016
Great food & of course great service from Chris & his team members of GRAND BANQUET at HOTEL ROYAL @ QUEENS!!

My wedding banquet was held on 25 September!!

I am glad and happy that I have made the right choice!! No regrets!! Good location, nice food and whats more GREAT SERVICE!

Furthermore, as a bride & groom we don't need to worry much as Chris & his team members will assist you... They were helpful & friendly!!

I will recommend this great place to my friends for their once in a lifetime event and others occasion too!!


Lee Mei Fung
18 September 2016
Had my wedding dinner on 17 sept 2016.. Thank you Christian and his team for the excellent service from the start to the end .. Seeing through everything and taking all my stress off! Highly recommended!:))

Norbert Nobita Koh
12 September 2016
Awesome place, great food, very professional & experienced wedding banquet team led by Christian. Would highly recommend this venue to all future events especially for wedding & D&D.

Seah Hui Ming
6 September 2016
这里的地点也方便。从敬茶到注册到酒席都帮了很多,感谢Chris的帮忙!什么都尽量的配合我们。当然还有 Mr Chef 煮的一手好菜。不忘当日上上下下的员工们!我们好满意,辛苦你们了!

Janel Loke
12 June 2016
We were looking for a central location that is also accessible for the guests. Hotel royal @ Queens is located in town and a min walk from Bras Basah MRT exit A. We decided on Grand Banquet based on the good reviews and attractive all-in packages for the banquet on top of the location.

Chris is the key person that we liaise with from the beginning till the end. He is approachable & responsive. We didn’t have much to worry about, given Chris’s vast experience with wedding banquets as he had most areas covered. He also recommended photography & videography services for the actual day, something which we had yet to settle at the point of time.

The entire banquet went very smoothly. He and his crew helped with the tea ceremony prior to the banquet, from preparation of tea to washing of cups. The restaurant manager helped to coordinate the photo taking from table to table. These gestures are much appreciated; our helpers can rest well and enjoy the whole banquet.

So often we hear unpleasant accounts of wedding banquet food, we are pleased to get lots of thumbs up from our guests on the food served. Tho’ we only managed to eat the 1st two dishes, family members commented that it was as good as the food tasting! As promised by the head chef!

The whole amicable experience and scrumptious fare had us coming back for CNY reunion dinner (sumptuous portions) earlier this year as well as lunch & dinner a couple times.

Thanks again, to Chris and his crew. Also thanks to all who shared their good experience via the reviews. One of the reasons why we gave Grand Banquet a chance and we are glad we did.

Susu Xann
30 May 2016
Hotel royal @ queens is super accessible, our guests could easily get to the hotel by MRT.

We had our wedding at the royal ballroom on level 3. It was a private area which we loved! The decorations were very beautiful and the food was really good! (As good as the food tasting!)

Venue and food aside, the team was amazing! Our main coordinator was Christian. He was very helpful throughout the period, accommodating us and fulfilling our every need throughout the day. We didn't have to worry about anything throughout the day as Christian had briefed us about everything during the rehearsal. He was also present throughout the day and we could easily locate him whenever we needed to. Best of all, he was our main point of contact from the start (when we booked the venue all the way to the day itself). He was very accommodating and we are super impressed by his service.

Ruel was our event coordinator cum emcee, and he did a great job and the entire event went very smoothly. He was very helpful throughout the day and managed the event perfectly! He even sent us his blessings the next day as he wasn't able to meet us before we left the hotel.

The rest of the staff and servers who helped out at our wedding were extremely helpful and nice. They have a great team of people who worked tirelessly throughout our wedding. We are very impressed with their service, and we highly recommend this place for anyone who is getting married!

Uniquely Harris
11 March 2016
5 Reasons as to why we voted 5 stars!
  1. The wedding menu & its ingredients are a great bargain compared to many wedding restaurants & hotels that we previously surveyed!
  2. Our Wedding Planner Chris, is the best! He never fails to impress us with the new decorations & his dedication to making us or every couple happy, from remembering the smallest details that we requested for, & Chris is the most generous & kindest wedding planner & Banquet Manager i've come across, cos we only had 15 Tables, a small amount of tables actually he would need to open half the restaurant for business but he didnt, instead he gave us the whole restaurant for our event!
  3. The food was amazing from the tryout of the food-tasting till the actual day, all my family & guests loved the generous food portions & tasty menu, which i later learnt that the head chef is a well-known Hong Kie chef which has 10years of experience in his profession.
  4. The excellent service from the waiters & waitresses were an added bonus & advantange!
  5. They also provide Emcees who speak fluently & professionally should u need any, for us it was a big relief knowing that they provided this service!
To summarise it up, if your're looking for a place to hold ur wedding banquet, i strongly suggest you consider Grand Banquet, Chris is a really nice guy who is dedicated to ensuring your every requests are met, not to mention value for your $ & great wedding menu! Many thanks Chris & team, me & my wife were really happy during our event thanks to your efficient planning & ensuring everything went smoothly!

Resley Ang & Shona Ho
18 January 2016
We decided on Grand Banquet based on the good reviews on their FB and the attractive all-in packages for the banquet. Chris really did not disappoint us and really went the extra mile to make our wedding as smooth as possible.

We took the Royal Ballroom because we wanted more privacy and had wanted to confirm 30 tables. We had our concerns as the ballroom has pillars and the bAllroom does look a little old. However, we still went ahead and did some research on decorating the... bAllroom to make it more presentable.

Chris is always very helpful and even went the extra mile to decorate the ceiling along the aisle with fairy lights. We had only wanted to decorate the backdrop on the stage. The results are fabulous.

When we arrive, Chris was not there yet, and my hubby was decorating with our own fairy lights for the backdrop as we do not want to trouble the staff as they seems busy with the setting up. However, when he arrive and saw my hubby fixing it, he got his staff to decorate for us.

He knew I had mentioned that the dummy cake looked old, and on the day of my wedding, I was amazed that the dummy cake has been repainted and it looks presentable now.

We have received good overall feedback on the food and service. Only 1 table have commented that the fish dish was not very fresh, but I guess this is inevitable sometimes, which I find it acceptable if it's only 1 table.

If you are looking an affordable venue to hold your banquet, you can really givd Chris and his team a chance. Their new venue at Raffles Country Club is fabulous. Although I have not been there, we did consider go relocate there, but decided otherwise as it is quite far in jurong and we wanted to stay the night at Jurong.

Oh! And Ruel who is running the operations is really good and co-ordination in the phototaking which make the phototaking at every table a breeze.

My husband and I had a wonderful wedding with Grand Banquet at Hotel Royal @ Queens

Aaron & Mindy
13 December 2015
Marriage is once in a lifetime & I'm really glad of all locations, I've chosen Grand Banquet.

Christian the banquet manager made my wedding a flawless one. Every tiny details are taken care of. He has been very helpful and accomodating to my requests. He met and exceeded my expectations. From discussion to planning, to even recommendations of solemnizer, to final actual day, he is always there giving all of his best. His efforts really deserve loud applause.

The food are delicious, with free flow alcohol, my guests drank to their content. The location is centralize and easy to locate, even the hotel reception provides friendly services. Thank you Grand Banquet and christian for making my wedding day the most memorable one for me and my hubby.

Ang Kai Fen
08 November 2015
I held my wedding ceremony on 8th Nov 2015. It was a great experience. The restaurant manager was very accommodating and met our requirements.

Songting Estee
10 October 2015
I would like to share my wonderful experience I had with Fu Lin Men @ Raffles Country Club. I held my wedding on the 10 October 2015. De...spite being the very first wedding, they did not disappoint us yet providing us with their utmost services.

Our guests are all delighted, enjoyed and praises the quality of food served and also their prompt and attentive services. Surprised that we did not received any negative feedback! Great! Not forgetting the beautiful breathtaking scenery, romantic, elegant and well decorated stage which no other places can be found.

Most importantly, walkway between tables are spacious! Overall, we had a great night, thanks fu lin men for giving us this memorable once in a lifetime wedding. If I have to rate it, I will definitely rate a 5 stars to it. Strongly recommend Fu Lin Men @ Raffles Country Club! Thumbs up and keep up the good job! Credits to Chris,Ken,Danny and all friendly service staffs!

Mitsukai Niji
03 July 2015
A big thank u to grand banquet manager Chris n all the staffs for making my wedding dinner on july 3 2015 at royal ballroom so successful. My families, relatives n friends are so happy n praise my banquet r so perfect. Chris, thank u for handling my wedding all the way from a to z. From finding solemnizer, emcee, videographer, photpgrapher to dancer. He make sure that everyting is settled very eff...iciently.

There are times whereby i have burning questions to ask him late near midnight. He will response to my msg immediately. This is something i like about him. He always put his customers first. He has meeting with chefs n staffs before my banquet. My guests love the food especially the fish n shark fin soup! My guests also enjoy the free flow of soft drinks, beer, wine n vsop. They r super happy to the max as evryting is free flow.

I also would like to thanks Alvin for guiding us during phototaking with the guests. I feel so relaxed all the while. Everything is taken good care by chris n all the staffs. All i need to do is to smile. I am glad to make the right choice. I will definitely recommend all friends to choose grand banquet. Thank you.

XW Koh
20 June 2015
This place is to be the best yet to be I have to say. Many things that were good for us to list out:
  1. we had our tea ceremony before the banquet and their staff helped us very well to wash the cups and prepared the red date tea with the tea set for us etc all in so we did not have to prepare anything at all.
  2. Air pillow wedding favour was very well liked by guests. practical and unique weddin...g favour.
  3. Red wine was very good. My friends went for several weddings before even at big hotels and they know when the wine is not smooth and tastes bad. But they feedback that the red wine was good and they drank more. Some other relatives also enjoyed more than one glass of red wine cos it was good.
  4. Food tasted good and the portions were really good. Sufficient for all guests on the table.
  5. Service was very very good. The restaurant manager Alvin helped to arrange table seating for guests for photo taking. This was usually done by the groomsmen for the couple. Been to many weddings and it's the first time I see restaurant staff helping to organize the photo taking part for us and it saved the groomsmen the job of going around to arrange instead and they get to enjoy their food. My university friend commented asked how come this place the service so good one!
  6. hotel room provided was good, spacious and clean. We were able to iron our clothes, have the sofa for some family members to rest, have the space for the logistics etc. and even had the microwave oven to heat up the food for the dinner that we missed.
  7. Chris the manager really did several things on his own to serve us. The projector and the coordination of the program flow was well done by him such that we had no worries and had a very relaxing night of enjoying the dinner there. He even brought food up for us before the banquet cos he said we wouldn't have time to eat at the banquet so he gave us some food to eat first.
  8. the live feed on the LCD screens were clear. Guests were all able to see the stage from where they were sitting.
  9. cosy setting, all guests were full of praise of the food and service by ALL staff. Some asked how did we source around and find this place.
  10. Chris also had a sumptuous dim sum lunch for our family too as we rested and did not have a good breakfast at the hotel.
He has been friendly, more than accommodating to our needs, super good service. My father said to go there for meals at his restaurant often subsequently cos he enjoyed it so much.

10 points of goodness is an understatement to how much help he has been to us to make it so smooth and good for all of us. Really grateful. Thank u and will definitely recommend to others! 🙂

Wee Cheng
26 May 2015
Thanks Christian and team for putting a great effort and excellent service on our Wedding Day (24th May).

With the help of Christian and team, the dinner is was a success. Our guests were also very happy savoring the dishes presented to them and the wonderful services your waiters and waitresses given to them.

There is no words I can described how much work is need to be done on the actual day / ground and without your help, my wife and I will not be able to go through the evening so smoothly... not even saying a good sound sleep in the hotel stay. A big thank you to Grand Banquet.

TianPoh & Yvonne Ong
04 May 2015
Thank you chris and team for making the impossible to possible.

They had very good team work together! (Of course it because they had a good leader and role model like Chris).

Thank you for the wonderful services and efforts on my wedding on 2 may 2015!

They really had excellent services and always go for extra extra mile for us! Without you all, my wedding will not be a great success. All my guest were very happy and please with the services, food and beautiful decorated place that they provide ! There are no words to describe how satisfied we are on the day.

With alot of reassurance from them and their wonderful experience, I don have to worry at all on my wedding day because i know my husband and i and even all my guests are in good hands with this team! Really thank you and glad that we pick this place and met them.

Will highly recommend all my friends to come here as they have really good location which is super near mrt, super nice food that never disappoint you, very flexible team that suit all your needs, way worth the price you pay and trustworthy team serving you throughout! Best experience ever! Once again, Thank you :*

Sam Ngeo & Runhao
17 December 2014
Thank you, Christian and his team for the great service. We have received a great support during our wedding banquet.

The food was delicious and our guests give a good commend about the foods.

The Environment is very pretty, the tables colors setting is nice, Led lightings, projects is clear and etc. are well organize.

We are happy and glad to have our wedding banquet in Grand Banquet @ Queen.

And we will highly recommended Grand Banquet to those couples to host their wedding benquet.

Once again, A big Thank you

KwanHeng Seow
01 December 2014
Christian, thank you your the excellent patience/service/ knowlage and help you have provided from year 2013 until 29 Nov 2014.

Our Wedding will not be possible without your kind help.

Highly recommend Christian from grand banquet as they have contacts that will help you plan your wedding out also pricing against quality wise, having wedding at grand banquet was a unforgettable experience.

Ivan Liong & Jevone Ling
14 November 2014
Chris is an approachable, considerate and efficient banquet manager. It was a blast collaborating with him for our wedding. The banquet staff are helpful and accommodating to our requests.

Highly recommended to all whom is looking to host your wedding banquet.

V blessed to have Chris & his team around, they are always there for us.

Grace Lin Huimin
10 November 2014
The banquet organisers Christian and Alvin were fantastic! Exceptionally good service provided by the two of them and their teams!

Thanks for the great effort and organising wedding for Nigel and Grace on 08 Nov 2014!

All our guests feedback that the food is good! Great job! Thanks for smooth process for table photo taking session. Exceptional great effort for helping me with my gown when walking around the hall and stage etc.

You guys done a fantastic job! For all wedding couples, Grand banquet is the venue you will pick and definitely you can trust on Christian and Alvin to ensure good service and make your weddings a memorable one!

ChungKern Loo
08 November 2014
Thank you Chris for your great support. We are bless to have your support before and during the wedding banquet. We knew you are very busy but you still travel all the way from Bugis to JCC to make sure everything is ok!

In addition, we would like to thank you Ken Wong for the continous support to us to finalise all the wedding banquet to make sure our wedding banquet is well prepared.

Last but no lease, we would like to thank you Ruel for your professional dance even you are not feeling well. In additional, would like to thank you Ron, the Chief Chef for your well prepare as our guests are satisfy with the fresh and nice food.

Overall customer experience is excellent.

Well done, Passion Group!

Kelvin Liu & Cinmay
20 September 2014
A very big thanks for the excellent service and smooth process on our wedding day 16th Sept 2014 at Grand Banquet!

They manage everything well from the top to the bottom.

Our guests very satisfy with their foods and giving good compliment. Even some of our guests wanna book for the party event and their grandma 60th Birthday. The place here are very beautiful and cosy, the tables setting colour, led lightings, sound surrounding, projector screen are well organize.

Not to worry if your guests are sitting at the corner as there is LCD tv infront of those tables to projects our appearance and videos.

Their staffs are friendly, polite and helpful even my guests given them 5 stars for their service standard. Not forget their MC Vanessa Yang also helping us on giving the wedding speech.

We will highly recommend Grand Banquet to those couples outside looking for a suitable place to host their wedding.

Once again, thank you Chris and his team members for making our wedding a successful and unforgettable memories!

Jun Hao
09 September 2014
Chris has been excellent throughout our wedding from booking to giving advises , food tasting , decor , and giving us a huge discount. He should be a wedding planner instead of restaurant in charge *smile*.

Anyone who want a hassle free wedding should definitely contact him straight away for a preview of exceptional service.

A very special "Thanks" to Chris and his whole Team for making our Wedding a wonderful and enjoyable experience. Looking forward to engage his service again for our "next big event" 😀

Steven Ho
04 May 2014
A very big thank you to Chris and his team for the effort and service we received during our wedding on 3rd may 2014.

Specially to Chris who is able to meet all our needs even though it's last minute.

Once again thank you very much and good job. Cheers.

15 March 2014
The service and food were excellent. Glad that we decided to hold our wedding there. It was a very pleasant and smooth event. All thanks to Chris and his staff. Event were very well organised. They did more than what we expected. Thanks for your great service.

Wong Cheng Xiang
04 March 2014
We had our wedding banquet at Grand Banquet on 1/3/14. We really enjoyed the whole experience of holding our wedding banquet there. The Banquet Manager Christian not only took very good care of us and every detail of the planning, he was also very quick to respond to all our inquiries throughout the planning stage. He was literally just a phone call away to help us in all our needs.

The food was delicious and all my guests enjoyed the meal. The service staff are also seasoned part-timers and their service standard are way ahead of those young, last minute hired part-timers in those high-end hotels. The service crew also took very good care of our guests, attending to their every request and drinking needs. One table of our guest even stayed till 12.30am to enjoy the drinks and the banquet staff was still very friendly to serve them fresh beer.

Anything to "complain" will be the fact that there is no direct lift service to the car park and parking area is tight. But, pricing wise is reasonable and the location is also accessible through public transport. We would definitely urge couples getting married to consider Grand Banquet as one of their option to hold their wedding at for a great and memorable experience for yourself and all your friends and family. Thank you Christian and all the staff from Grand Banquet. Please keep up with the good work. From Cheng Xiang and Qi Hui.

Benny & Evonne
03 March 2014
Thanks for the excellent effort and smooth process on our AD and the preparation throughout.

The foods was delicious. Staffs is polite and tolerance for our every single requests we've made, especially to Chris and Alvin.

We are glad and happy to held our wedding at Grand Banquet (Hotel Royal @ Queen) with NO Regrets!!!

Highly recommended. Regardless of small or big event, we will still choose there as they alway give us the awesome services.

Keep it up & Jia You~~~

Jasmine Gin
17 November 2013
Great food & of course great service from Christian & his team members of GRAND BANQUET at HOTEL ROYAL @ QUEENS!!

My wedding banquet was held on Nov 2013, I am glad and happy that I have made the right choice!! No regrets!! Good location, nice food and whats more GREAT SERVICE!

Furthermore, as a bride & groom we don't need to worry much as Christian & his team members will assist you... They were helpful & friendly!!

I will recommend this great place to my friends for their once in a lifetime event and others occasion too!!

GOOD JOB & KEEP IT UP!!! (^.^)v

Christopher Tan
29 September 2013
A wonderful place to have your wedding dinner. Very sincere & Awesome Service. Christian and his team did a fantastic job on our big day. The food was awesome, Christian was personally messaging us the night before to ensure and assure the both of us that everything was okay and that we needed ample rest!

Overall, the venue is great, easy to access via mrt. Staff of the restaurant and hotel was very polite and friendly. Food is fantastic! Christian the manager, great person & very helpful.

You cannot find a better overall package!

Chamz Zheng & Ching Loon
15 September 2013
Thanks for the great effort and smooth process on our wedding day 14th Sept 2013! They handle everything well from the top to the bottom, we just have to smile and look at the camera 😀

Not to mention on their foods, our guests give good compliment and made a gd ending. The ambience here are very pretty, the tables setting colour, led lightings, etc are well organize.

Don't worry if your guests are sitting at the corner as there is lcd tv infront of those tables to projects our appearance and videos.

We will highly recommend Grand Banquet to those couples outside looking for a suitable place to host their wedding.

Once again, thank you very much!